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Global Business Network


As the voice of the real economy, we deliver tools and services that enable SMEs to survive and thrive.

SMEs employ billions of people worldwide and are thought to make up 80% of employment in several nations. They are the cornerstone of the world economy and essential to the regular delivery of goods and services everywhere.

Where are sources of trade finance for SMEs?

For SMEs to survive the COVID-19 crisis and flourish once the worst effects have passed, they urgently need access to short-term funding and international trade.

GBN is adopting aggressive measures, based on in-depth market analysis, to make sure that SMEs globally have the resources they need and access to financing to trade right away. GBN TRADE NOW will link SMEs with cutting-edge service providers who can assist in financing their trade operations and help them take advantage of new business prospects throughout the world.

How can we support the next generation of entrepreneurs?

The Global Business Network(GBN) gives students the tools they need to flourish as entrepreneurs in a world that are always evolving. Researchers, businesses, and educators all concur that people need soft and digital skills in addition to academic knowledge to succeed in the job.

The GBN consists of regional hubs with locations all over the world to provide local entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small enterprises with personalized support.

The Global Business Network (GBN) offers local business owners the tools, resources, and solutions they need to realize their ideas, from skill-development programs to networking opportunities.

What is the mission of the Global Business Network (GBN?

In order to combat poverty, and inequality, and foster SME growth, our purpose is to democratize and globalize entrepreneurship by building the greatest interconnected business-led entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Global Business Network leaves no one behind, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, young people looking to become entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, social entrepreneurs, and workers looking for reskilling. This includes developing the skills of young people who face uncertain employment prospects as well as supporting SMEs and start-ups to scale up. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people to develop fulfilling careers.


The Global Business Network (GBN) is located on multiple continents. They make use of the business tools created by the GBN and our international partners, such as the 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur to network of national and international committees and chambers of commerce in more than 100 countries to offer community seminars, training, and capacity-building programs to address issues impacting small- and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs (SMEs). The Centres will create a network of creative professionals with the goal of disrupting tradition and reshaping business by bringing together enterprises, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

What are the objectives of the Global Business Network GBN?
1. Inspire future entrepreneurs

  • Everyone should have the chance to start their own business, but young people in particular. We must equip them with the necessary future-ready abilities in order for this to occur.
  • The GBN offers programs to give people the skills they need to start their own businesses and prosper in a rapidly evolving environment.
  • In order to flourish in the future, people will require skills and competencies that go beyond academic knowledge, such as digital and soft skills.
  • People can receive accreditation from the GBN to launch their own businesses and advance their professions.

2. Digitising small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • SMEs make up around 90% of all firms worldwide, yet many still lack the resources and tools needed to compete in the digital economy. The programs provided by the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship give SME leaders the means to digitize their operations and reach new markets as part of GBN’s global mission to digitalize 10 million SMEs in India.
  • The GBN advocates for the reduction of obstacles that inhibit SMEs from flourishing both domestically and internationally by collaborating with governmental and multilateral organizations. The Center will enhance the business climate in emerging economies and build SME leaders’ resilience to enduring difficulties.
  • The GBN offers SMEs capacity-building programs to address: I connection, (ii) market access, and (iii) digital transformation. These programs are supported by NEOCS – Now Everyone Can Succeed the GBN also sponsors presentations and seminars to encourage knowledge and experience sharing among SME leaders.

3. Scaling up start-ups

  • By offering entrepreneurs specialized training, mentorship, and support services, the GBN seeks to improve local start-up ecosystems. These services will aid entrepreneurs in starting, funding, running, and growing their businesses.
  • The ultimate objective of the Global Business Network is to encourage upskilling by giving start-ups the tools and resources they need to enter international markets. The GBC vertical of entrepreneurship will provide knowledge about potential opportunities for start-ups both locally and internationally.

4. Fostering inclusive entrepreneurship

  • Through the creation of jobs in local communities, entrepreneurship opens up social and economic opportunities for everyone. But many people are prevented from starting their own businesses by legal and cultural restrictions, particularly those with weak credit records, young people, women, and people with disabilities.
  • The Global Business Network uses strategic collaborations to mobilize public-private solutions and enable individuals to overcome ingrained barriers to entrepreneurship.
  • By promoting the development of firms that serve society as a whole in both the social and economic spheres, the practical tools, services, and training provided by the Global Business Network for setting standards.

Be a part of Global Business Network-GBN to flourish your business…

by Bilal Ahmad Bhat


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